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Last Update: 9th of March 2009

The Twang hits the Lone Star State again
03/09/2009 "World Wide Webb Pierce "

Alright folks, there have been plans of returning to the Lone Star State ever since our last tour in 2004. But every year different circumstances led to a delay in plans. This time nearly everything worked out - sort of. Unfortunately The Twang travel without The Twang Rhythm Section, because of - well - circumstances. Nevertheless the best Texan rhythm section we can imagine (Allen Hill, Eric Hughes & David Beebe) will fill in the gaps to make this Twang adventure an outstanding experience! It'll be the most international Twang you can imagine!!! In every possible sense. You can even catch us at the SXSW festival in Austin (If you are an early bird, that is). Hope to see you all in the Texas! We can't hardly wait... Your friends @ The Twang Ranch

Tour Dates Texas

The Twang International
02/04/2007 "World Wide Webb Pierce "

Over the years the english section of our homepage suffered severely from lacking updates. Well, it'll probably stay that way until we're back on a plane to the States, UK or Ireland (which are all on our touring wishlist...). But there is another way to keep track on what's going on over in Twang-County: We've finally set up a MySpace -page. It is in English and we're updating it quite regularly.  See you, the Twang


A slight change of plans
02/03/2006 "New album..."

Just a short notice - instead of booking flights to the Lone Star State we've booked a studio for our third official album. There are a whole lot of "tour only records" which we sell at concerts or through the internet. You can check them out at the Discography or the Twang-E-Mart in the German section of this site. Unfortunately recording is very time-consuming - that's why we canceled the plans for a third tour this year. But we'll be back in the States... See ya, the Twang


News Galore
05/03/2005 "The Twang think Texas again"

It’s time for the official semi-annual update of our website for all our non-German fans. We’re proud to announce that our second album “Let there be Twang!” is doing fine here in Europe! It was released last October, got favourable reviews just like “Countryfication”, and we toured Germany quite extensively with it. What’s most interesting to you is that you can get it in the States as well! Soon "Let There Be Twang" will be sold at +++ The new album was partly recorded in Austin and we’re beaming with pride to have guests like Earl Poole Ball (Johnny Cash, The Byrds), Eddie Perez (The Mavericks), Tommy Spurlock (George Jones, Jon Wayne) and Heather Wiley on it! It’s another mixture of well-known hits from five decades of pop music done our way. Part of the artwork was done by the well-respected Jon Langford! You can see more of his work at! There are songs by The Police, Stevie Wonder, Steppenwolf, Green Day and Abba on this one. If you have any requests for the next one post ‘em in our guestbook.The album even won us an award: We've been honored  as “Best Newcomer” at the annual German American Country Music Federation award ceremony. It was a huge TV special here in Germany.  +++ Right now we’re getting ready to play with our new line-up. Due to new job workload Junior and Phil had to quit playing with us. It’s always unpleasant to change something that’s working so fine, but at least this split was well planned and on friendly terms. Of course we’ve got some A+ replacement for both of them. Pablo Twang on bass and Malcolm Twang on acoustic guitar are with us now and ready to countryfy. +++ Our plans for the future include putting out a single featuring different versions of the Deep Purple classic “Smoke on the Water”, touring all summer and then getting ready for album No. 3! We want to do some recording in Austin again and we’re also planning to do some shows while we’re in town. This will probably be around March '06, so stay tuned until then and “Let there be Twang!"


Thank You Inhabitans of Planet Lone Star
08/10/2004 My my what a trip

We're back in Germany with our minds still in Texas. Thank you so much for making this tour even more exciting than our last Texas vacation. We've played thirteen gigs in eighteen days and encountered Texan hospitality, true friends, BBQ, craziness, beer, music-loving crowds, kraut-loving cowboys, Texas-sized hearts and minds, Texas-sized insects (e.g. the "vicious flesh-eating pool-bug", or the "garden-spider with horrors beyond imagination"...), friendly club-owners, lovely club-staffs, music experts and dancers... Well, we could go on forever. To sum it up - it was so great, that we're positive to be back in Texas as soon as possible (heck, Beano will be back this fall...). Hopefully we are able to get our new album "Let There Be Twang" distributed in the States. Stay tuned. And David: thank you thank you thank you

Texas Here We Come!
06/28/2004 Twang in the Lone Star State

The wait is over - we’ve finally managed to set a date, buy some tickets and make all the arrangements for our second Texas tour! Everybody in The Twang is totally excited about returning to the Lone Star State for three weeks of “countryfication.” We had such a wonderful time four years ago, now we can try to top it! We are going to play some really cool shows this time around - thanks to David of The El Orbits and Allen of The Allen Oldies Band. Thankfully we’ll hit some of the great clubs and bars again that we played at in 2000. So, tell your friends & neighbors, come and check us out, have a chat or a local brew at these fine locations:

7/12 - houston - continental club

7/15 - austin - alligator grill

7/16 - houston - stag's head pub

7/19 - houston - continental club

7/22 - austin - alligator grill

7/23 - austin - hole in the wall

7/24 - houston - continental club

7/27 - san antonio - casbeers

We’re looking forward to seeing our Texan friends again. We’re ready to give you one hundred percent countryfication! See you soon, The Twang

The Twang - Texas Tour 2004 & more!
04/14/2004 New Album

Hey folks,
It's been exactly a year since we've updated this section of our website. We're really sorry, but we were very busy here in good ol' Germany. We released our first album "Countryfication" in April and got a lot of very favorable reviews. Music magazines like the German edition of "Rolling Stone" liked it as much as women's magazines, Internet shops and nationwide newspapers.
We toured a lot last year and got to play in some of the coolest places in Germany. We also got to see a few towns that we'd never been to before. All in all it was a fantastic year for us.
2004 started really well, too. We have done a few shows so far and there are many more in the next months.We are also back in the studio. We are currently recording the follow-up to "Countryfication" and we hope to get it out this year. We've got a number of good songs already and selecting which ones are going to get on the cd will be tough.
We're now officially a six-piece. Junior is doing great on acoustic guitar and he gives the Marshall a lot of freedom to try out his new lap-steel guitar.

The most important thing for our American and especially our Texan friends will be our Texas Tour. Yes, we've finally managed to set a date. We'll be in Texas from July  10th to the 27th. We hope to play some shows in Austin, Houston and maybe even San Antonio... We'll keep you posted and put the dates here as soon as we've got them.
See Y'all soon, best wishes
The Twang

The Twang 2003 – The Year Of "Countryfication"

Hi folks,well, it's been a while again, but now we're back! We weren't lazy of course and so here are a few facts that you might find worth noting.

Our album "Countryfication" hits the stores in Europe on April 7th. You can order it through our website. We' re working on a distribution for the States, too. With a little luck you can get it over there as well in the not too distant future. In the meantime, you can listen to snippets of most of the songs from the album here. We're touring some very cool clubs in Germany in April and May and we hope to get a bunch of dates for the summer open-air season as well. Another club tour might be happening in October. As you can see here...


...we're introducing a new face of the twang-family on this tour: Meet Junior Twang! He's an accomplished guitarist and has been a friend of the band for quite a while and now he's filling in for the Marshall. The Marshall can't be on this tour for a very good reason: He's expanding the twang-family, too and is looking forward to the birth of Emmylou Twang!

The Twang Summer 2002

O.k., summer's finally here and so is the update on our website! As you can see the whole thing is much easier to navigate, has a few new features and it looks great, too. The band is busy as usual. We're playing shows all over Germany and it's a lot of fun. There's everything from small private shows to huge open airs, from cool clubs to corporate parties and we enjoy playing everywhere.
You can find plenty of pictures taken at various shows right here. We added some very colorful extra elements to our stage show: Check out these unbelievable new suits! 

One of the coolest shows took place at the end of July: "Beatlemania"! Ever since we played the "Buck Owens Birthday Bash" at Austin's Continental Club in August 2000 we toyed with the idea of doing something similar in our hometown. This year we finally got some sponsors and the aid of our friends from the Rockbüro to get it done. We decided on the Beatles as the musical theme because of their immense popularity and their huge range of musical styles. We got 14 bands to do 3 songs of the Fab Four and the whole thing turned out to be a great success. By the way, we played countrified versions of "Help", "Ballad of John & Yoko" and "Love Me Do"!

Our album "Countryfication" will hit the shops in Europe pretty soon. There will be 14 tracks and a few surprises along with some great artwork by our friend Matze, who did a great job with some very unique and fitting illustrations. You can get the album through our homepage and maybe even through a Texan online shop – we'll keep you posted! 

Well, that's all for now. We're still planning a trip to the U.S. next year, but it's too early to say anything specific. Let's hope that we can see you next summer!!!

"Welcome back y'all!" 
10/14/2001 "Finally! An update..." 

First of all: our sincere apologies to everyone for not updating the English section of our website for half a year… we're really sorry about that. As you may have noticed in the German section, we haven't been lazy during this time. As a matter of fact, there was so much to do that we didn't even notice how time flew by. 
We spent the summer playing more than ever before. We had a lot of really cool shows in great venues with large audiences, some amazing gigs in small bars, we played in a "real" theater and in a movie theater as well. There's always something new… Please check our photo galleries for some pictures of this year's shows! 

For a long time people have been asking us for a full album of our stuff. Although we really wanted to release a CD we also wanted to make sure that it would come out in a way that matched our own expectations. Now we are happy to be with the cool label XXS from Hamburg, which has specialized in slightly weird German underground country and roots rock bands. They will put out the album some time next spring. We'll keep you posted on this! 
We're in the studio now, recording the stuff that will soon be our album. Everybody's happy so far. We've got all the drum and bass parts done plus an enormous array of acoustic guitars courtesy of the Marshall. Coming up next are the vocals and more things with strings… There will be some more weeks of recording and mixing in November and then we will have to decide which songs are going to make it onto the CD. We're having loads of fun with the songs so far and we have a few guests coming in soon to embellish our playing with additional pedal steel, piano, trumpet, and other cool stuff.
Be prepared for some surprises! 

OK, one last thing: We've got a lot of cool new merchandise! Shirts, mugs, everything. Check it out at the Twang-E-Mart! 

We really hope that we can arrange a trip back to the States sometime next year! See y'all soon, best wishes, The Twang! 

 "The Hollisters were  in Germany" 
03/15/2001 "Photos and more plans"

Our favorite Texas-Country Band "The Hollisters" came to Braunschweig to play with us and get a taste of German beer. We all had a blast. We've made a couple of photos. You can watch them here and here. Our plans to come back to the States in 2002 are getting more and more detailed. We'll be most likely back for about two weeks in March and/or April. Take care The Twang 

 "Updates, once a year? Nope." 
02/04/2001 "Plans, Schemes, Hopes & Dreams"

Well yes, The Twang still exists. Probably stronger than ever before. But updating the English Section on a regular basis was a plan that our webmaster just couldn't fulfill. As a matter of fact some of the links above lead to German sections. But I guess they are easy to understand for Non-Germans.
 Still, here's a deal for all our friends in foreign places: In Germany we've got a newsletter and we'll plan to write an international version of it.  The "International Twangland Telegraph" will be published about twice a year. All you've got to do is send your e-mail address to
Of course the english section will be updated once in a while, especially if we're touring outside of Germany. So checking back might be worth while.
For dates in Germany check the German main-section. +++ What has happened to The Twang since last summer? First of all we've been playing quite a lot. This year we plan to release a full length CD. We've just recorded 50 tunes to poll the favourites of Twang-friends. MP3 snippets of every songv and a poll will soon appear on the German site. +++ Although we promised to be back in the States soon, it just might take about a year. We've got rough plans for a "Twang Springbreak Tour 2002". +++ We'd love to hear from you. The German Cowboys of The Twang. 

"Thank you Texas - Thank you Texans"
 09/06/2000 "Back in Germany" 

 The Twang had the time of their lifes. We've never ever expected such a positive reaction in the Lone Star State. These two weeks were something very special for us. Experiencing both an outstanding hospitality and music-loving-crowds we'll be probably back in 2001! Thank you all. Very very special thank yous to Mr. Allen Hill and Mr. David Beebe who made ALL of these concerts happen for us in the first place. 
Back in Germany we're doing fine. This month we're looking forward to a sampler CD which will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland called "In The Land Of Kantrie Giants". It's a CD which features European Underground-Country Bands. The next update will feature lots of photos from our little Texas Tour as well as new MP3s. 

 The Twang Texas Tour Two Thousand Revisited 
  7. August: Continental Club, Houston w/ El Orbits 
 11. August: Alehouse, Houston w/ The Allen Oldies Band 
 12. August: Continental Club, Austin, Buck Owens Birthday Bash 
            w/ LeRoi Brothers, Hollisters, Bruce Robison, Redd Voelkert, ,Floramay Holliday, e.t.c. 
 13. August: Hole in the Wall, Austin 
 14. August: Continental Club, Houston w/ El Orbits 
 17. August: Continental Club, Austin, w/ El Orbits, Honky 
 18. August: Continental Club, Austin 
            w/ Booze Weasels feat. Bobby Keys 

 "Houston, we don't have a problem" 
  06/08/2000 "Germany’s weirdest country band comes to Texas" 

Texans beware! We're coming! 
To celebrate our first foreign-country tour we've finally opened the twang site for all non-German-speaking friends of twang. On the main page (here)you'll find news from the band in the not so distant future. As we are a German band, the news section of the German page will be updated more frequently - but trust us - everything that's REALLY important will find it's way on these pages. 

(c) 2007 The Twang